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Astalty Lite

A Simple, Free
Solution for Support

Introducing Astalty Lite, a customer relationship manager built in collaboration with NDIS Professionals. By managing Participant information and giving you access to our online tools, Astalty Lite aims to make you more efficient and allow you to focus on the things that matter most - your Participants.

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Suitable for Support Coordinators and Allied Health Professionals

A product that was built in collaboration with NDIS Support Coordinators.

Astalty Lite is a cloud based solution that makes it easier to manage Participant information, organise your workload as well as store documentation.

Information Storage

Manage all of your Participant information in one location! All documents are stored securely within Australia with ISO27001 certified providers.

Manage Your Workload

Create your weekly workflow and structure your week with our drag and drop interface. On a single page, you can add and update tasks and billable time.

Support Coordination Tools

Access to our purpose-built tools for NDIS Support Coordinators. In addition to Astalty Lite, we have published tools for tasks that we think should be easier.


Have clear oversight over your workload, see where your tracking against your key performance indicators and easily identify outstanding tasks for the week.

Task Management

With our Tasks view, you can create, update, re-order and add billable time to a task all in one spot! You can easily access Participant notes, documents and details without clicking through multiple pages.


We understand not every business is the same - that is why we have some customisation options - and we will continue to add more! You can set your own charge intervals so that on the task dashboard, you can easily add time in intervals that makes sense for your business.

Budget Planning

Coming Soon!

Use our budget planning tool to closely monitor NDIS funding. Get notified when funding is running low, or the plan is close to expiring. Having this information at your fingertips will assist you in making informed decisions.

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Transparent Capacity

Coming Soon!

Calculate your actual capacity as a Support Coordinator. Our tool will assist you to avoid over-committing to services, minimizing burnout and overworking staff. It can also help you identify when you need to add another Support Coordinator to your team.

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