Release Notes - 6th May 2022

Friday, 6th May 2022

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Release Notes - 6th May 2022

As we are gearing up to releasing our paid version, Astalty Professional, we are adding a few improvements to Astalty Lite. One of those is now more in-depth NDIS Plan information. For now, this information is simply to show budget amounts however in the near future, we will use this information to bill Tasks appropriately as well as have Plan Budget Tracking.

Previously, there was very little information about the plan, how the funds were managed and what the funds were for.

For those Participants who had budgets entered previous, they have now been migrated to the new NDIS Plan page - with the full amount added to the Support Coordination category. You may update these amounts as you wish. If your Participant had multiple plans, those plan amounts have been merged into a single plan with the full amount under Support Coordination. You may update the plan categories as necessary.

Plans will not be able to have overlapping gaps and for each category, you must specify the management type.

You can now store a lot more information about the plan which will allow invoicing and plan tracking much easier in the near future.

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James Mooring

James is Director and Co-founder of Astalty. James has been creating innovative digital solutions for small to medium businesses across Australia and abroad for several years. After starting his own software development company, Lion Eagle Solutions, he has helped several businesses streamline their processes by building software that solves real problems.