Astalty Professional is Here

Sunday, 14th August 2022

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Astalty Professional is Here

Astalty is the perfect software solution for Support Coordination.

Purpose-built in collaboration with Support Coordinators, Astalty aims to become a staple for NDIS Support Coordinators around the industry. We've created tools unique to the Astalty brand, which will make administration much more straightforward and allow you and your team to worry less about your budgets and more about your Participants.

Astalty is different from many other software providers as we focus solely on delivering software solutions for Support Coordinators. This means that we have a deep understanding of the role of a Support Coordinator and have developed features tailored to the role.

Focusing on relevant features allows us to deliver a competitive pricing model and ensures our users only pay for features they really need to provide their services.

We've collaborated with Business Owners, Support Coordinators and Finance Managers to ensure that we understand all the essential features to create efficiency across each of these areas.


Billable Hours

You'll have clear oversight over your team and monitor how they are tracking against their billable target. This feature allows you to see which Support Coordinators are meeting their billable targets and who may need a little extra support.

Automatic Reconciling

Following a successful upload of a bulk payment request to the NDIS provider portal, you'll be able to upload your receipt file directly into Astalty. Once uploaded, you can apply the payments, and it will automatically reconcile your invoices, including flagging the unsuccessful payments.

This automatic process can save you and your team hours in administration/reconciling.

Your finance team will love this feature!

Task Delegation

This is a neat little feature that allows Administration and Support Coordination Managers to delegate tasks to other members of the team. This might happen when you are training a new Support Coordinator or team members are helping you with additional tasks.

Support Multiple Line Items

Whether you are billing under Support Coordination Level 1, 2 or 3, Astalty supports all the relevant support items under the NDIS Price Guide. You can also bill under line items such as Psychosocial Recovery Coaching and Allied Health.

Participant Check-in's

When creating notes, you can also assign information regarding the type of communication that was had between yourself and the Participant. This can be SMS, Phone, Face to Face or Email. By using this feature, you can easily see when you last spoke with a Participant and ensure you check in with them regularly.

We understand budgets can vary, so you can customise how often you plan to check in with a Participant, and we will alert you when you are due for a catch-up.

The Team's Favourite Features

Plan Implementations - Jono's pick

We've created a feature that allows you to add Participant NDIS plan information, which includes budgets and budget amounts. Users can add provider details and monitor which budgets have and haven't been implemented.

This lets users keep a close eye on what budgets they still need to implement and creates easy-to-access information when completing eight-week implementation reports.

Participant Alerts - James pick

We've created an alert feature that allows you to add necessary information to a Participant's profile and select who you would like to alert about the information. For example, suppose someone on your Administration Team receives a phone call from a Participant notifying your organisation that they are going away for two weeks. In that case, your Administration Team could set up an alert notifying the Support Coordinator about the event in real-time. The alert would then be displayed at the top of a Participant's profile.


To assist you with onboarding, you can upload and create your Participant profiles in seconds using our import spreadsheet. This streamlines the process and gets you using Astalty as soon as possible.

User Guide

Once you have onboarded and are ready to go, you can use the User guide (found within Astalty), which details exactly how to use the software.

14-day trial

We offer all new users a 14-day free trial, so you can try before you buy.

We hope you enjoy using Astalty as much as we enjoyed creating it. If you would like more information on Astalty's Support Coordination Software or to book a demo, send us an email at

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Jonathon Power

Jonathon is the Managing Director of a Disability Service Provider based in Lake Macquarie. Having grown up with parents who both have a disability, Jonathon is passionate about inclusion and accessibility. Jonathon has a keen interest in helping businesses to streamline their processes whilst using technology to innovate.